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The Millennial Fair
a Chrono Trigger stamping community
Recent Entries 
24th-Jul-2010 12:02 pm - New theme poll! :D
General Beatrix

New theme?

Yes - a Hometown theme!
Yes - a Magic theme!
Yes - a Monster theme!
Yes, but something else entirely!
No. Just... no.

Please feel free to (re)apply for any themes we've got going :D
27th-May-2009 08:03 pm - Poor dead millennial_fair :-(
Basch - Lonely Soul
So we seem to have run out of steam here... which is why I'm wondering what it would take to get us moving again. New theme? Something else entirely? I can't imagine that no one likes Chrono Trigger anymore D: Drop a line in the comments and let me know if there's something you'd like to see out of this community. :-)
15th-Jan-2009 10:14 am - Antithesis Theme
Save The Queen
Surveys says... antithesis theme!

Please be stamped in the regular application before applying for the antithesis theme. Thanks!

Here it is.Collapse )
11th-Jan-2009 11:27 am - Update
Save The Queen
Hey, guys. Due to some personal issues I'm taking a brief hiatus. I'll get the stamps up shortly, and I'll get the theme up soon as well (as soon as we get a tiebreaker vote, actually).

If you haven't already, please vote on Sara's and my matchmaker applications - we're both stuck in ties D:

Thanks for sticking around :D Chrono Trigger ftw.
7th-Jan-2009 04:54 pm(no subject)
Sephiroth - Nice view
Poll #1327225 New theme?
This poll is closed.

Are you interested in another theme?

Yes - a mirror theme!
Yes - a hometown theme!
Yes - an antithesis theme!
Yes - something else!
Nah, we're good.
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