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The Millennial Fair

a Chrono Trigger stamping community

Chrono Trigger Stamping Community
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Chrono Trigger Stamps

Welcome to the Millennial Fair! Here you can find out what character from Chrono Trigger you are.


If you have a problem with another member, take it up with them privately. Please don't turn our lovely community into a flamefest.

Please stick around to rate other people :-) Just imagine that you spend all that time filling out the survey and you post it and you wait days and days before someone bothers to respond. I realize that we all (in theory) have social lives, but it really doesn't take that long to read something over and see what character they sound most like. Besides, active members keep these kinds of communities alive, and no one likes a dead stamping comm :-(

Update: You are now required to vote on at least two unstamped applications before being stamped. If there is only one unstamped application available to vote on, this is fine. Otherwise your app will remain in unstamped purgatory forevermore MUHAHA.

You don't have to be stamped to vote on people :-)

Please don't tailor your application to get one specific character. If this is what you want, why not make a Chrono Trigger claiming community?

If you don't like your result, please wait at least one week before reapplying. There's no limit on reapplying.

Please bold your votes, type somewhat normally, and keep your vote to two characters or less.

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Want to affiliate with millennial_fair? Please comment on our affiliates page :-)


Check out stamping_comms for more stamping communities.

Questions, comments, suggestions? Let dauthi know :-)